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modicasa was founded in 2008, and  for 12 years we have helped both buyers and sellers who want to buy a home in this part of the world.  We have been associates of FIAIP since our inception, and abide by its code of conduct.   As the only English real estate agent in Sicily, modicasa has always been independent – we are not tied to any other agency, franchise or company, and as such can offer our clients impartial honest advice.  

We are registered at the local Camera di Commercio, and operate fully within Italian law.

The ‘Buying in Sicily’ book has helped many people trying to navigate the complex system of buying and selling in Sicily.  (There is also a Buying in Italy book), but due to the frequent changes in the law, the book is now only available in a digital version, which can be updated easily.   You can find details at the www.buyinginisicily.com website, or follow the links on this site. 

Browse the website and see what the south east of Sicily has to offer.


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