Sicily is in an orange zone. Visits are possible with a maximum of 2 clients. Masks must be worn

Sicilia è zona arancione. Le visite alle case sono possibile, ma con una massima di 2 persone. Le mascherine sono di obbligo

Hand luggage

Hand luggage

The Italian air authority has decided that any flight leaving Italy cannot use the overhead lockers to avoid thronging the aisles (anti Covid measures). All big hand luggage must be placed in the hold, and small bags under the seat in front. This is from today. Pack accordingly. (How the low costs will react is anyones guess – as if you pay extra for a front row seat, you wont be able to have any hand luggage in the cabin theoretically, despite having shelled out for 2 bags.)

House Visits - Visite alle Proprietà

House visits require the use of masks. Only 2 people may accompany the agent on a visit.

Le visite alle proprietà in vendita richiedono l’uso della mascherina. Solo 2 persone possono accompagnare l’agente per le visite.