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To kickstart the economy the government have redesigned some of the incentives available.

The most appealing is an incentive of 110% for certain works done on your prima casa.  The essence of these works is anti-seismic or energy efficiency, although it also includes the ‘facades’ incentive that was new this year.    The big news is that instead of getting the incentive over 10 years on your tax bill, which has limited interest for most home owners unless you live and work in Italy,  this time it can be ceded to either the supplier or sold on to a bank.

The only caveat to all this is that any  work done must increase the APE class of your property by 2 classes .   Obviously it must be your prima casa, and your paperwork needs to be in good shape, and there is a top limit of the cost of work done (around 60000 euros).    If you have a second home in a condominio, and the condo decides to do the work, then you are also eligible.

If you live in a city of more than 50.000 souls you are also eligible for a tax break on buying your bike/electric bike/electric scooter/segway/hoverboard of up to 500 euros (ie around 60% of the cost) – it’s valid from July to December this year.  It is not valid for electric mopeds/scooters.