(English) COVID

Sicily is in an orange zone. Visits are possible with a maximum of 2 clients. Masks must be worn

Sicilia è zona arancione. Le visite alle case sono possibile, ma con una massima di 2 persone. Le mascherine sono di obbligo

Noto Cathedral

It has been decided by the powers that be, that the restored Duomo of Noto will have a Christ Pantocrator painted by Bruono D’Arcevia – his website is here: http://www.brunodarcevia.com/.
D’Arcevia has a great reputation for his religious themes – Rubenesque women and Poussinesque landscapes – this pantocrator will have a flame, St John the Baptist, a Madonna and an open tomb, and a lamb (with its throat cut). And Saints Agostino and Ambrogio as well as God – so technically not a Cristo Pantocratore at all, but a large frescoe. Hopefully the maestro’s idea of composition doesnt make it too ‘busy’.
Its going to take 6 hours a day through August.

(English) House Visits - Visite alle Proprietà

House visits require the use of masks. Only 2 people may accompany the agent on a visit.

Le visite alle proprietà in vendita richiedono l’uso della mascherina. Solo 2 persone possono accompagnare l’agente per le visite.