An entire palazzo near the duomo of San Giovanni in Modica Alta. Covering some 700mq, the building has dammusi, garage and cantinas on the ground floor and 2 self contained apartments on the first floor of which one is exactly as it was built over 100 years ago. Ideal for a bed and breakfast or intimate hotel, or sumptuous private house.

The palazzo is free on 3 sides, and at present houses some commercial premises on the ground floor. Structurally sound, some intervention took place in the 1970’s when one of the apartments was modernised and the original features entirely lost. The main staircase has been rebuilt regarding the anti seismic laws, but is unfinished and could revert to the original design.

The main apartment which has frecoed ceilings, original wallpapers and Caltagirone floors, is in excellent condition, and has furniture that was made specifically for the property that can be included in the sale. On the second floor a summer kitchen with range gives access onto the roof terrace with views over the whole of Modica.

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