What we can do for you

First and foremost we are an estate agency – handling the buying and selling of property.  We do not offer rentals.  While we can offer advice as to third parties – architects, engineers, mortgage providers, property managers etc – we are not tied to any other company and remain resolutely independent.   We specialise in the purchase of property for non Italians, and can offer help with the purchase process, translation, POAs and utilities, in fact everything you need to complete a purchase in a foreign language and country.   
In line with nearly all other agencies we charge commission on purchases and sales of 3% plus IVA of the sales price.

We do work with selected other agencies – certainly not all!  Over the 12 years we have been in business we have weeded out those agents who do not have the same approach to work.   We abide fully by Italian law.   Where we act for one party in a sale, we charge only our client commission, the other agent taking commission from their client.

We also handle sales for foreign clients who have inherited property in Italy and don’t know what to do with it.  The Italian laws on succession are complicated and there are numerous bureaucratic hoops to jump through to sell an inherited property – it takes time and money.

We can also undertake translation work, being registered as official translators.

We act as consultants for buyers and sellers in areas outside our catchment area.