Zona Rossa

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The office will be closed to the public from 17 – 31 January as part of the Covid rules – Sicily – red zone.

Siracusa Province

The province of Siracusa stretches from south of Catania down to Capo Passero, and contains the most southerly point of ‘mainland’ Italy – at a latitude to the south of Tunis.

For most visitors it is the sea and history which are the main draws.  Siracusa contains the towns of Siracusa, Avola, Noto,  Augusta, and Palazzolo Acreide  as well as another 16 comunes.


Inland the area is hilly – with Palazzolo being a charming example, and with its own Greek theatre at the highest point of the town.


Marzamemi, on the sea in the comune of Pachino is very popular in the summer, but largely deserted out of season, as are most of the seaside towns in the province.

The province is blessed with a very mild climate, certainly at sea level, and the sea temperature is usually a few degrees warmer than the south coast.