Modica Bassa

For most people Modica Bassa is the centro storico and the heart of the town.  Certainly it plays host to the majority of bars, restaurants and monuments and is the place where the locals come to passeggiare in the evening.

The most popular areas are Cartellone, the ancient quarter which looks out onto the two main churches of Modica, and used to be an area of cave dwellings, and which gradually had facades and houses added onto the front.  Most houses here still have a grotta in the back, dug out of the hard limestone.    The other popular area is that which faces Cartellone, and lies between the duomos which tends to have a ‘nobler’ architecture being the houses of the middle and upper classes.  AS with most of Modica it was all rebuilt in the 1700s.  It is a very characteristic area of the town, with charming lanes and staircases which lead to hidden lanes.   A more residential area, but the oldest is the Vignazza, about 300m from the centre of town, below the castle – which is a warren of lanes and stairs.

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