Non è possibile fare delle visite nel comune di Scicli prima del 13 aprile visto la zona rossa

Scicli is in a RED zone till 13 April, so no house visits are possible in the comune of Scicli.


Ideally the way to see Sicily is with a car.  Public transport on main routes is good, but going to out of the way places is virtually impossible.


The main airports in Sicily are Catania and Palermo.  The smaller airports are Trapani Birgi and Comiso in the province of Ragusa.


The main line between Messina and Siracusa and Messina and Palermo are well served.  There does seem to be an increase in interest in the railways in Sicily and services are increasing on the minor lines, with some new routes being introduced.  Even some Sunday services are appearing in the timetables.


The majority of travellers use buses – which connect most towns.  There are various companies running different routes depending on the area, which can be confusing for many, especially as there is no central information centre.  There are always early morning services (very early in alot of cases) – with alot of routes having a lull between midday and about 4pm – which can make your timetabling complicated.  Buses tend to run very close to schedule, but still leave time for connections.