Tax credits and Incentives 2017




Ecobonus 2017


This will allow you to get tax credits for up to 65% of the expenses for the energy efficiency improvement of an existing property.  It includes the following works:

  1. building wrap
  2. solar panels
  3. sun shades – curtains, blinds, etc
  4. substitution of boilers with condenser boilers, or biomass heat generators
  5. purchase and installation of home automation systems. (intelligent houses)


For 2017 you can offset between 30000 and 100000 euros cost in 10 annual tax credits of the same sum.

For 2017 this is also applicable to condo’s.  if more than 25% of the condo is having work it’s possible to offset up to 70% of the cost, and 75% if it is work that would be applicable to both  winter and summer energy efficiency.  The works must be carried out between 1.1.17 and 31.12.21


DETRACTIONS OF 50% for Restoration building costs

Up to a maximum of 48000 euro – it is possible to offset the cost of half the cost of ordinary maintenance for communal spaces or extraordinary maintenance for single properties.

Included in this 50% figure is all work which improves the energy efficiency of a property such as systems of renewable energy.




Confirmed for 2017 the bonus mobili which gives 50% offset of the cost of furniture and large appliances up to a max of 10.000 euros.  To get the tax credit the white goods must be at least Class A+ and A for ovens.  Included are beds, wardrobes, sofas and armchairs….


Conto termico 2017


Also prorogued for 2017, with a national fund of 900 million euros to divide between Public Administration, private citizens and companies.  This is not a detraction but a reimbursement from the GSE, and it provided by the Economics Ministry for renewable energy and improvements to energy efficiency.  Depending on the work done you can get up to 65% of the cost refunded.  Works include:


new shutters

solar blinds

condenser boilers, heat pumps, biomass boilers and fires

solar systems

solar cooling systems.



50% of detractions for any modernisation or restoration works – till  31 December 2017 – that is ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.

Up to 31 December 2017 you can use tax credits of 50% on restoration works up to  48.000 euros per single house.


Owners ,   Usufruttuari,  Renters o people in comodato d’uso, Cooperatives,

Individual entrepreneurs if the buildings are not registered as company buildings.

Family members who live with the owner of the building.



The methods have not changed this year.  You need to indicate in your tax return the catastal data of the building.  It is obligatory that the payments for the work or purchases are made by bonifico on which are indicated the causale with reference to the law being applied, the codice fiscale of the person who will benefit from the tax credit, and the codice fiscale or partita IVA of the person who is being paid.

Even if you have already taken advantage of the incenvtive for energy efficiency and/or renewable energy you can still take the tax credit for restoration aswell.

Obviously these are tax credits you receive over 10 years – so if you don’t pay tax in Italy you can’t have these incentives.  

IVA at 10%

It is also possible to do improvement works on existent buildings with IVA at 10%.  Included are works of oridinary and extraordinary maintenance, restoration, restructuring and conservative restoration.  The reduction can be added to other incentives – and this is open to anyone.